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Looney Tunes : DVD : The Spotlight Collection - Volume 2

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Spotlight Reviews : John M Spangler
Looney Tunes : The Spotlight Collection - Volume 2

"Be Vawy Qwiet, I'm hunting Wabbits" - Kill The Wabbit - Kill the Wabbit!!! Watching and listening to Elmer doing his opera routine is worth the price of admission especially for fans of Looney Tunes. With this DVD set, you get the best Looney Tunes cartoon of all time "What's Opera Doc" The downside is that What's Opera Doc is a bit out of place compared to the rest of what is offered and some of them are just not that fun at all.

This 2 DVD set includes 30 Looney collections from the 40's, 50's but mostly 60's. Disc one is 15 cartoons with 75% Sylvester VS Tweety incarnations and a bit of Porky Pig VS Daffy Duck routines. I was mildly surprised to see one of the early black and white Porky Pig episodes (Porky IN Wackyland) that mixed Live actors with the cartoon characters and has been tucked away from Warner Brothers for decades and was released in the 40's. Shows and proves you don't need modern technology to make quality entertainment.

Disc 2 is the big one, which includes the greatest Looney Tunes cartoon ever, "What's Opera Doc". It also includes the very entertaining "One Froggy Evening" which made the little "non-speaking" frog famous in one showing. The rest of the collection is a bag full of Hollywood and show business spoofs making fun of the famous faces in Hollywood taken from the 40's, 50's and 60's. Most are entertaining enough, but certainly lack the fun and spunk of the episodes of Elmer and Bugs going at it. The famous Warner Brothers characters are basicaly non-existent with the exception of Bugs and Elmer in What's Opera Doc. Don't expect big laughs from this 2nd rate collection that won't appeal to the kiddies as well as it should. But be that as it may, the cartoons, for what they are, and considering how old they are, look and sound fantastic. Not up by todays standards of digital movies, but remastered very well, and they have withstood the test of time. If you like Tweety VS Sylvester and have to own "What's Opera Doc", you probably should load up on this Part 2 collection. Overall it's great, but some of the cartoons on here are not the best of what Warner Brothers has done in other collections.
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