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Welcome to the Looney Tunes Spot! Find information about your favourite characters along with pictures, wallpapers, DVDs, coloring pages and more.

Cartoon Spot : We wish you the best for 2008!
Sun, 06 Jan 2008 14:31:41 -0400 - For 2008 we wish you the best year ever! Cartoon Spot's team will work to bring you more cool cartoon stuff 2008. Wallpapers, original coloring pages, pictures and more. Happy new year to all cartoon lovers!

The Golden Collection Volume 4 and 5.
Mon, 17 Dec 2007 16:12:37 -0400 - Like previous installments, the Looney Tunes Golden Collection, Volume 4 mixes favorites from the Warner Bros. archives with relatively obscure older works. Chuck Jones' 'Mississippi Hare' and Friz Freleng's 'Sahara Hare' and 'Knighty-Knight Bugs' (which won an Oscar) offer hilarious performances by Bugs. Two of Jones' earliest films, 'The Night Watchman' and 'Conrad the Sailor, prefigure his use of subtle expressions in his later cartoons. The disc of shorts by Frank Tashlin includes 'Plane Daffy': pigeon see-duck-tress Hatta Mari anticipates Jayne Mansfield in such later Tashlin live-action comedies as Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?

Get the Looney Tunes DVD (The Golden Collection Volume 5) this Christmas!
Mon, 17 Dec 2007 14:46:37 -0400 - The fifth collection of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies continues Warner Bros.' scattershot approach, mixing classics and obscurities. Among the best-known and funniest cartoons are 'Ali Baba Bunny' (Daffy yelling, 'I'm rich! I'm socially secure!'), 'Bewitched Bunny' (Witch Hazel galloping off in a cloud of hair pins), and ,Buccaneer Bunny' (a sterling example of one of director Friz Freleng's favorite gags: having the characters run up and down stairs and in and out of various doors).

Looney Tunes DVD : The Golden Collection
Sun, 09 Dec 2007 13:01:02 -0400 - A great gift for Christmas, the Looney Tunes DVD ( The Golden Collection ). Like the previous entries in the Looney Tunes Golden Collection series, volume 3 confirms how brilliant the Warner Bros. artists were and how durable their creations have proven. The set includes classics that every cartoon buff will recognize: 'Duck! Rabbit! Duck!,' 'Robin Hood Daffy,' 'Birds Anonymous.' Bring the Looney Tunes home on DVD this Christmas!

Hey, Bring the Looney Tunes home on DVD this Christmas!
Sun, 02 Dec 2007 15:40:32 -0400 - Many Looney tunes DVD sets available this Christmas for the Looney Tunes lovers on the Cartoon Spot store. Bring the Looney Tunes home on DVD this Christmas!

The not very well known Gossamer.
Looney Tunes: Do you know an orange monster named Rudolph? The character is now called 'Gossamer'.

Ralph Wolf or Wile Coyote?
You asked for it, here it is! The post of the week is about the double identity of the well known Coyote.

Webmaster's vacation...
Yes, webmasters got vacations too! No stories were published last week during the vacation time of the site's webmaster. So, come back soon because I'm back and I'll bring you new cool cartoons related stories.

Bugs Bunny : Tortoise beats Hare
The post of the week is about a famous race starring Bugs Bunny. One of the best cartoon remake of a classical kids story.

Character of the week, a cat that never gives up.
Our character of the week... Syslevester! Juste like the Coyote, Sylvester is very creative when it's time to catch a bird. Learn more about Sylvester!

Becoming invisible : The Flintstones way.
Flintstones and mostly every animated cartoons have something similar when it's time to become invisible.

Hundreds of visitors daily on the Cartoon Spot!
We are proud to say that hundreds of visitors are now daily visiting the site. We want to thank you all. Thanks!

Speedy Gonzales has arrived on the Cartoon Spot!
The fastest mouse in all Mexico has arrived on the Cartoon Spot. Speedy Gonzales has finaly joined the club and his others friends of the crew in the Looney Tunes Spot. Pictures, wallpapers and coloring sheets of Speedy are available on the site. Welcome Speedy!

Loonatics pictures gallery update.
For Loonatics fans, the loonatics pictures gallery has been updated. 12 pictures can be now downloaded. Original pictures from the Kids WB's web site.

Tweety wallpapers are back too!
Like the pictures home page, Tweety wallpapers home page were unfortunately not accessible for days. It appears that some errors occurred on the Tweety wallpapers main page during the last update of the site. Links to sub wallpapers pages were linking to Bug Bunny wallpapers pages. Everything is ok now and you can access again the Tweety wallpapers.

Tweety Bird pictures now accessible!
Tweety pictures were unfortunately not accessible for days. It appears that some errors occurred on the Tweety pictures home page during the last update of the site. Links to sub pictures pages were linking to Bug Bunny pictures pages. Everything is ok now and you can access again the Tweety pictures.

The Cartoon Spot's translation process has begun.
After a whole month looking for a good translator, the Cartoon Spot has finaly found a good one. Welcome to Caroline who will work on it in the next weeks.

The old Mc Donald's farm...
Have you ever wonder if the old Mc Donald ever really exist? And what about its farm?. Here's a funny answer on the Cartoon Spot.

The only Looney Tunes who tried to capture Taz?
This week's character... Daffy Duck! Did you know that Daffy is the only one who attempted to capture the Tasmanian Devil? Daffy is the only Looney Tunes that tried to capture Taz for a reward. Bugs Bunny has had some bad time with the beast but never tried to capture it.

Did you know... about Tweety Bird?
Mostly know as 'Tweety' or 'Tweety Bird', our lovely Looney Tunes bird is also known as Tweety Pie? And for those who were not sure... Tweety is a male :)

Did you know... about Rantanplan, the Luky Luke's dog?
This week, our first 'Did you know?'. Lucky Luke has two best friends: Jolly Jumper, a very smart horse, and Rantanplan, maybe the stupidest dog in the world. Have you ever noticed that the name ( Rantanplan ) is an allusion to Rin Tin Tin?

A new Look for the Cartoon Spot's Blog.
Finaly, I've made a new 'header' for the blog matching the web site. The previous header was the default WordPress template. This is not yet over but... I gonna update the whole blog template in the next weeks. hey, hey!

A new "Did you know?"column is coming up.
Very very soon... a new column will be part of the site. Everyday, a new story or 'cool to know' informations about the cartoon world. Characters personnal details, gossips and stories.

Looney Tunes Golden Collection Volume 3
We added the latest DVD set of Looney Tunes, the Golden Collection Volume Three. We can only say that it is the best set that Warner has released for while. You can read the review of this set at this address: . Without a doubt, it's a great gift for Christmas.

Looking for a cartoon directory?
Looking for information on cartoons, special stuff or you'd like to add you site to a cartoons directory. You are all welcome. For site owners, free site submit.

Character of the week: Daffy Duck
Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartoons. Daffy was the first of the new breed of “screwball” characters that emerged in the 1930s and supplanted traditional “everyman” characters, such as Goofy, in popularity in the 1940s.

Cartoons directory
The new cartoon directory has finaly shown up! A part of it at least... As we told you, a new directory is now available on the Cartoon Spot. It is not quite finished but we are still working on it. Start browsing the categories: Asterix and Obelix, Classic cartoons, wallpapers and other goodies, The Simpson, funny cartoons and more...

Looney Tunes Spot update...
Some of you may have notice that the Cartoon Spot has not updated the web site a lot in the few last months. We were, and still are working on a new cartoon directory based on selected web sites. We plan to come out with this directory in the next week. So, be alert! Come back soon...

Loonatics : September 17
Only 17 days before the first Loonatics episode. Set seven hundred years into the future, Loonatics introduces six descendants of some very famous figures from the past as they come together to form a brilliant ensemble of superheroes. Get ready to jump to the future!

Get informed
We've just added a new form to easily subscribe to our mailing list. Fill it out and receive news from the Cartoon Spot to your mail box.

Leave your message!
You want to get in touch with us? Now you can! We have just released our new (Contact info) page last week. There is a little form you can use to leave us messages, ideas, comments or just a little Hello!

New Tweety Wallpaper ...
Hi everybody!

New this week:

New Tweety wallpaper is available now on the Tweety page.

Also, don't miss our Looney Tunes character of the week, TAZ!

Have a good time!

The Looney Tunes Spot has his Blog!
Blog whit us about your favourite TV show. Since friday, you can leave messages and enjoy the new LT Blog. Feel free to participate. All cartoons topics are welcome.

Looney Tunes Spot Store ...
The official LT store gonna be online on the first week of june. You'll find books, DVDs, poster and many other cool Looney Tunes gifts.

Coming soon... The Looney Tunes images Gallery
Not yet ready, but coming soon in may 28. The Looney Tunes images gallery will be updated every week. Take a look at the beta web page!

The Looney Tunes Spot : Finaly online!
After long weeks of waiting... Here they are! TheLooney Tunes can be find at the new Looney Tunes Spot, Wallpapers, images, coloring pages, stories...

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